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shell216 viewsThe U-bolts worked fine, this was however something I wasn't counting on. These bolts are too short with either set of clamshells, so count on modifying them. If you use 3 leaf springs instead of ones with the overload your milage may vary however.
omnt2292 viewsThis is the old front mount. The simplest way to remove it is to unbolt the two large bolts that hold it to the subframe. A bit of work may be required afterwards but it should slide out without too much trouble.
new mount1294 viewsNew mount in place and ready to go. Something to note is that the bolt on the springs is asymmetrical. It wasn't fun having to put the springs in again, so measure twice and install once!
Looking for room to mount the pump3148 viewsAnother side view from the rear looking forward.

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351 viewsJan 27, 2011
480 viewsJust threw that in it got black interior three years ago.This was during its tranformation process.Jan 23, 2011
425 viewsI just painted it and pulled off masking tape pulled it out front for photo op.Sent pic to mom she was worried about it.She bought it new.Jan 23, 2011
480 viewsGirly man tires I used to paint it and bumper put onJan 23, 2011