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347 viewsHere is what the business end of the extractor looks like,a much better and stronger and easier method than what I first tried.
If you don't already own a set,then get one,you've been warned,LOL
By the way,these were bought at Sears and cost around $20 Canadian
302 viewsAs you can see from this pic,it would be very difficult to even get to the t stat without removing the fan shrouds
Assembled Pump and Clutch165 viewsHere is the rebuilt pump complete with the installed clutch.
Pump fits232 viewsAdded a 2nd stock idler to make sure there is enough wrap on the alternator. The tensioner is an Auto Zone #305264 which is the same as a Dayco #89264.

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351 viewsJan 27, 2011
480 viewsJust threw that in it got black interior three years ago.This was during its tranformation process.Jan 23, 2011
425 viewsI just painted it and pulled off masking tape pulled it out front for photo op.Sent pic to mom she was worried about it.She bought it new.Jan 23, 2011
480 viewsGirly man tires I used to paint it and bumper put onJan 23, 2011