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Finished harness145 viewsHere we see the completed upgraded Headlight wiring harness.
To build a harness you will need the following ( colour of wire is your option, below is just what I used )
1 roll 25' each of red-power, green-grnd, white-neutral, 12 G wire, I also bought a 50' roll of 18 gauge blue-trigger wire
2 30/40 Bosch style relays, an assortment of spade style and ring terminal crimps in the 12-10 g ( yellow ) size, also a small pack of 22-18 g ( red ) scotch-locks for tapping into your oem high/low beams, various colours of shrink tube and 2 ato style fuse holders 12g ( I'm using 10amp fuses in both )

Note* as you can see,I had to use white wire for alot of my connections, this made it slightly harder to remember where things went, this is why I recommend 25' of red,white and green this way you won't run out part way through building your harness
221 viewsThere are 6 bolts to remove. this shows the 3 of these, the other side has them in the same locations. They will be 9/16ths in size, unless they were changed on the later vans. A swivel helps some with the top bolts.
334 viewsAnd here's the oem engine oil cooler tank, looking at it from the engine side as well
Here's the original tank design354 viewsJust couldn't get it to fit.

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351 viewsJan 27, 2011
480 viewsJust threw that in it got black interior three years ago.This was during its tranformation process.Jan 23, 2011
425 viewsI just painted it and pulled off masking tape pulled it out front for photo op.Sent pic to mom she was worried about it.She bought it new.Jan 23, 2011
480 viewsGirly man tires I used to paint it and bumper put onJan 23, 2011