Tech info and how to guides for ASV users

new and old springs334 viewsThese are the springs and mounts, I got this set off of ebay for $175 including $65 shipping from minnesota. The other hardware required was the bolts and blue loctite. You can use the old front mount supposedly, but your milage may vary. I never did get the shackle bolts out for the rear, so having the shackles is definitely a good idea. Besides this I would also encourage you to save two of the front mount bolts from the springs and mounts when you pull them at the yard.
clamshell1217 viewsThe larger hole in the new clamshells are to clear the locating bolts of the springs. Mine were pretty rough so I just replaced them at the time, however you could drill the holes out probably if you're in a pinch.
omnt2292 viewsThis is the old front mount. The simplest way to remove it is to unbolt the two large bolts that hold it to the subframe. A bit of work may be required afterwards but it should slide out without too much trouble.
tank1280 viewsThe driver's side bolts hit the tank. Remember the spare bolts I told you to get? You can cut these off, and insert the bolts from the other side it's a tight fit but they go. It sure bets dropping the gas tank, let me tell you.
new mount1294 viewsNew mount in place and ready to go. Something to note is that the bolt on the springs is asymmetrical. It wasn't fun having to put the springs in again, so measure twice and install once!
shackle306 viewsNew shackle on, lookin good.
old rear shackle245 viewsThis is the old rear shackle, it's held in by a simple bolt to the sub frame. After you get this bolt off, the new one simply bolts up.
shell216 viewsThe U-bolts worked fine, this was however something I wasn't counting on. These bolts are too short with either set of clamshells, so count on modifying them. If you use 3 leaf springs instead of ones with the overload your milage may vary however.
shell2216 viewsI drilled the first two bolts out, that steel is HARD and really rough on bits. I found this way to be simpler, you just take a hammer and break the welds off. it doesn't take any time at all hardly and makes for a clean looking install too.
shell3250 viewsThis is the last part, notice how the bolts are longer. I used metric bolts because the stuff was metric. Be sure you have a half inch breaker bar with an 18mm socker for it as well as a few different lengths of extensions. They make this significantly easier
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