Tech info and how to guides for ASV users

pilot fog lights148 viewsThe new lights are made by Pilot. Model #PL-611B. The dimensions are 4x3, perfect to fit the 4" openings in my kit. These are an upgrade in quality. They utilize H3 bulbs and are made of glass.
fog lights on319 viewsMount lights into place (make sure you use blue thread locker to keep bolts in place), adjust angles, and viola!!
oem connectors185 viewsThis is the connector on the van. If you are going to continue to use 880 lighting, You will skip the next steps. Just make the connection, mount lights and you're done.
fog lights connected176 viewsAfter the new connections are made (and you've tested the lights) wrap everything up tight in electrical tape.
fog light155 viewsThese are the old, cheap, plastic lights that came with my body kit. You can see where they had gotten wet and were starting to corrode from the inside out, losing their brightness over time.
new connectors176 viewsDisconnect negative cable from battery. Cut off the 880 connectors. Cut the ends off the wiring harness that comes with the lights. Strip plastic back about 1/2 inch from all ends of wiring. Attach pos to pos, and neg to neg using crimp connectors. Make sure to use dielectric grease on all connections. It protects from liquids and debris.
fog lights rear155 viewsThe old lights were plug and play. They utilized an 880 bulb.
new housing149 viewsMetal housing with a rubber boot to keep out water and debris.
fogs connected157 viewsMake the connection into the fog light. Again, use dielectric grease on all connections. Make sure to keep your positive and negative wires in order. Crossing them up could ruin your lights or worse; damage your vans electrical system.
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