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jacked up329 viewsTook a trip down to Dean AND Lynne's to get help installing my
Powertrax No-Slip Traction System,since we'll be working under the vehicle we've taken the time to keep it off us by installing 4 jackstands
diff cover removal322 viewsTime to remove the diff cover
cover366 viewsInside diff cover
inside diff486 viewspic of the open diff
installing powertrax into diff518 viewsonce Dean had put the pieces of the power-trax together,it was up to me to try to fit the unit in,the only real difficult part was two springs which sit in slots 180 degrees from each other,you have to keep the one spring in which wants to push the unit apart,and then rotate the whole unit 180 to install the other spring,its tricky but with a little patience it can be done
checkin installation390 viewsmaking sure everything is where it should be
401 viewsBefore re-installing the diff cover Dean suggested to remove the old gasket material,which I did using his death grinder,lol
finished418 viewsGetting cleaned up,Whole job took approx 3hrs start to finish

I think Dean may have a couple pics of the actual locker going into the diff,if he does I will add them later
quinn and ben 364 views
all done484 viewsAll done,just have to get er off the jackstands and take er for a test drive.
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