Tech info and how to guides for ASV users

New starter158 viewsObviously you want to place the van on jack stands, and block rear wheels. Don't forget to set that parking brake.
This is the new starter.
under the van173 viewsUnder the van you'll find the starter. You need to remove both bolts here. Be VERY careful the starter is VERY heavy, and if you're not careful you could lose some teeth! Make sure you have a firm hand on it when that last bolt comes out.
removing wiring157 viewsYou'll need to remove this black wire (ECM) from the "s" terminal.
removing more wiring149 viewsYou'll need to remove the red (alternator)and the positive battery wires from the large terminal.
old starter side view134 viewsold starter removed
closeup of old starter 172 viewscloseup of old starter
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