Tech info and how to guides for ASV users

274 viewsThere's a few things you have to disconnect before pulling the transmission. The electrical of the transmission will have to be disconnected. This is the vehicle speed sensor, they changed this in the vicinity of 88 or 89. Earlier vehicles will have a cable driven speedometer.
237 viewsThis is the torque converter solenoid and pressure sensor mounts.
235 viewsThis is the trans shifter linkage. Remove the cotter pin at the end of the shaft, and give it a blow upwards as necessary.
262 viewsThese are the cooler lines. If your transmission is being rebuilt because of failure, you'll want to flush these lines. You will also want to bypass your stock cooler.
245 viewsDon't forget to disconnect the TV cable like I did, if you have a 4L60E it will be noticeably absent. The transition should be around 1992, the connector will also have more then 4 wires on it as well.
248 viewsThe bolts for the torque converter are 15mm. I recommend removing the oil filter and using a breaker bar on them. They are loctited on. You can use a wrench to rotate the converter to get to the third bolt.
236 viewsThis is the mount for the transmission. You'll need a 15mm wrench and 18mm socket to get this off. The center bolt is 15mm and the two side bolts are 15mm with 18mm nuts. The rubber pieces are two pieces so the tops come off the mount. I pulled the rubber off, then jacked on the transmission and slid the mount out.
210 viewsWith the mount loose, you can jack some on the engine and transmission to remove the mount, and subsequently the cross member. After the cross member is removed, it becomes a matter of the transmission bolts and lowering it.
225 viewsThis is one of four bolts, there is another bolt above this one on this side, then these two bolts are in the same location on the other side as well.
200 viewsThe upper bolt. These are 10mm.
221 viewsThere are 6 bolts to remove. this shows the 3 of these, the other side has them in the same locations. They will be 9/16ths in size, unless they were changed on the later vans. A swivel helps some with the top bolts.
270 viewsThis is me jacking on the transmission. This would have been significantly easier if I would have removed the cross member the first time. I subsequently removed it after this picture. The transmission hangs up nicely on the crossover pipe and you can just lower it down. Please note this was done on a stock ride height van with the front end up in the air about 2 inches. There was plenty of room to work.
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