Tech info and how to guides for ASV users

296 viewsFuel filter
423 viewsFilter is on drivers side right under driver's door. This is laying on my back looking up.
377 viewsThis is a shot of the top of filter.
275 viewsI sprayed the connections with a penetrator just in case there was some rust that wanted to fight me.
263 viewsUse a flare nut wrench on fuel line connector. No rounded bolt edges makes life easier!
362 viewsAfter waiting for 30 minutes for penetrator to work. I placed tools in position.
376 viewsAfter making sure the wrenches were where I needed them to be I covered everything with a rag to catch the gasoline. I recommend wearing protective eye wear while doing this procedure. Very easy to get gas into your eyes. Don't lie directly underneath. Work from the side to avoid getting hurt. A small amount of gas will flow, but not much. After removing the lower line, do the same for the top. (Don't forget to cover with a rag.) Reverse procedure to reinstall. When you reinstall the new filter make sure the arrow on the filter is pointing in the direction of the gas flowing to the engine.
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