Tech info and how to guides for ASV users

276 viewsO.k first I diconnected the neg batt terminal,once that was done I removed the intake hose from the back of the air filter box,then pulled up on the air filter box and removed it from the upper shroud
302 viewsAs you can see from this pic,it would be very difficult to even get to the t stat without removing the fan shrouds
310 viewshere is the intake hose being removed from the intake,its a pita but will make removing your upper shroud a little easier
246 viewsHere is the upper rad hose ( also known as the inlet hose ) removing this will assist in getting the upper shroud off,Its also a good idea to remove the intake hose off the intake as well,that will be the next pic
247 viewsgetting the upper fan shroud out is not easy, it takes a little bit of work, more so if you plan on re-using your rad,so be careful if this is the case,the bottom shroud is no problem to remove,
I am also going to remove the fan and the serpentine belt to allow better access
274 viewsHere is what the drain plug ( or petcock ) looks like,its located at the bottom of rad on the passenger side,which the next pic will show.
303 viewsBefore I can remove the rad I still have to disconnect the oem tranny cooler lines and the lower rad hose, in my case the oem engine oil cooler lines had already been removed during an earlier project,so most likely you will have to remove yours,also the powers that be decided it would be best if your rad was screwed together with 4 bolt/screws to your condensor,in my case I had to remove my grill to access these 4 bolt/screws
326 viewsUp until now the weather had co-operated it wasn't too bad at all, but what fun would it be if that continued?
406 viewsOnce I had the rad all disconnected I yanked her out which gave me even more room to work
328 viewsHere's the rad from the condenser side, you can notice the 4 small clips where the condenser is bolted to the rad
334 viewsAnd here's the oem engine oil cooler tank, looking at it from the engine side as well
319 viewsHere's the oem tranny oil cooler tank, looking at it from the engine side
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