Tech info and how to guides for ASV users

Finished harness145 viewsHere we see the completed upgraded Headlight wiring harness.
To build a harness you will need the following ( colour of wire is your option, below is just what I used )
1 roll 25' each of red-power, green-grnd, white-neutral, 12 G wire, I also bought a 50' roll of 18 gauge blue-trigger wire
2 30/40 Bosch style relays, an assortment of spade style and ring terminal crimps in the 12-10 g ( yellow ) size, also a small pack of 22-18 g ( red ) scotch-locks for tapping into your oem high/low beams, various colours of shrink tube and 2 ato style fuse holders 12g ( I'm using 10amp fuses in both )

Note* as you can see,I had to use white wire for alot of my connections, this made it slightly harder to remember where things went, this is why I recommend 25' of red,white and green this way you won't run out part way through building your harness
12v Auto relay170 viewsHere is your standard Bosch 30/40 relay and here are the directions for how I hooked mine up, remember you use a high and a low relay.
Low relay
86 ran a tap from my oem tan wire to this terminal
30 This is my +12v (fused ) coming from battery
87 This goes to my new socket to the low-beam terminal* important, remember you have to splice into this wire and run over to the other socket for your low-beam as well.
85 This is where I grounded the relay
87a I did not use this terminal
Headlight socket183 viewsI had to buy 2 new headlight sockets from NAPA, they were about 7 bucks, now the sockets I bought from NAPA had the wires entering from the back, unfortunately there is not much room for this, if you can try to find the sockets that I have pictured above where the wiring comes in from the bottom and side, this is a pic of a 9003 socket

Thats all the pics I have, this upgrade makes a huge difference in lighting output
Where I tapped into power132 viewshere is where I tapped into my high/low beams using a 22-18 ( red ) scotch-lock tap, I am not saying this is the best way to do it, but at the time it was the easiest and quickest way to do it
Relays mounted165 viewsStart by deciding where you want to place your relays, I wanted mine to be accesible so I figured I would mount them
on my air filter intake box ( below the air filter )

I then took some measurements of where everything else was going to be and then started to cut my wire and make up the harness
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