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old vs new end link249 viewsHere's whats left of the old end link compared to a new end link
drivers side stab bar endlink broken281 viewsThe culprit, a drivers side Stabilizer bar endlink had snapped
Not only did this cause a clunk, but the van also pulled hard to the left during braking
ds stab bar end link broken top view236 viewsAnother view of broken end link
passenger stab bar endlink not broken shown for comparison257 viewsThis is the passenger side,This is how they would normally look. Although it hasn't broken yet, I switched it out for a new one anyways.
measureing top thread distance 35mm239 viewsMake sure to measure the distance from top of bolt to top of nut BEFORE removing busted end link, this will allow you to tighten the new end link into its proper position
removing ds broken end link236 viewsAlthough the bottom of the link broke away from the lower control arm I still had to fight with the part that went through the stabilizer bar. Spray these areas liberally with a good penetrant in advance it will help the removal process
compressing stab bar down276 viewsThe stabilizer bar will twist up after the link breaks, this doesn't matter for removal but you will need to compress it back down a few inches so that the end link will be able to
attach to both the stabilizer bar and the lower control arm
new link installed on ds225 viewsNew end link installed
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