Tech info and how to guides for ASV users

Front of diff324 views9 inch under the van. This is not the final install angle, the pinion is far too low. Things to note here are the placement of the brake lines, I used a stock "T" but replaced teh steel lines. There's no compatibility issues between the wheel cylinders and the Astro's lines. I did however have to make the hole larger for the T to mount to one of the studs on the housing.
Yoke168 viewsThis is the pinion yoke, you need this longer yoke if you do not intend to lengthen the drive shaft. This will get you within about 1/4-3/8ths inch of the stock length, which is perfectly fine for these applications. The U-joint you have to use with this is a Precision 459 U-joint. It has 1 1/8th and 1 3/16ths caps and this allows you to connect the 1350 series Astro drive shaft to the 1330 series pinion Yoke.
New axle installed222 viewsNew axle installed, old one under it and to the right. Notice the new spring perches, you will have to cut and weld new perches on. Also notice the non-stock steel leaf springs. These are required to do the swap, as the mounts use locating bolts.
You can see the brake T a bit better in this pic256 viewsYou can see the brake T a bit better in this pic, notice how it's roughly in the stock location. You have to take the full drum assemblies apart to put the E-brake cables on, but they're fully compatible. You may as well throw new pads on while you're in there.
side view after the install288 viewsThis is a side view after the install. Assuming my van started out on an even keel, I have about a 3.5 inch difference in between the front and rear body lines now. This was to be expected as the axle is a 3 1/8 diameter rather then a 2 5/8 diameter. The springs That were put in also have an overload which gives additional lift in the rear.
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