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310 viewshere is the intake hose being removed from the intake,its a pita but will make removing your upper shroud a little easierDec 26, 2007
302 viewsAs you can see from this pic,it would be very difficult to even get to the t stat without removing the fan shroudsDec 26, 2007
334 viewsAnd here's the oem engine oil cooler tank, looking at it from the engine side as wellDec 26, 2007
319 viewsHere's the oem tranny oil cooler tank, looking at it from the engine sideDec 26, 2007
347 viewsHere is what the business end of the extractor looks like,a much better and stronger and easier method than what I first tried.
If you don't already own a set,then get one,you've been warned,LOL
By the way,these were bought at Sears and cost around $20 Canadian
Dec 26, 2007
370 viewsWell,after a few days away from the van I decided on how I wanted to remove the broken bolt,but 1st I unplugged the EGR connector and removed the EGR.
I had stopped into my local crappy tire and picked up a bolt removal kit,the kind where you drill into the end of the bolt about 3/16" then turn the bit around and use the bolt extractor,which in theory, bites into the bolt and unscrews it from its death grip.
In reality the bolt extractor simply breaks off, just as everyone said it would.
There are much better extractors out there,which I will soon show you
Dec 26, 2007
327 viewsAlrighty,the new t stat is installed,I put the gasket on with the housing, and the EGR valve is back on with its new screened gasketDec 26, 2007
341 viewsHere's the good bolt extractor in action, doing what it was meant to doDec 26, 2007
294 viewsAnd then the inlet hose housing goes back on over the t stat,and the heater core hose gets re-attached to the pipe nipple on the water pumpDec 26, 2007
276 viewsO.k first I diconnected the neg batt terminal,once that was done I removed the intake hose from the back of the air filter box,then pulled up on the air filter box and removed it from the upper shroudDec 26, 2007
310 viewsWhat broken bolt, watcha talkin bout Willis?

I'm not out of the clear yet tho,it took almost a half hour to dig that old t stat out of there and clean up the block where it sits.

BTW I was first sold a t stat that didn't have the rubber grommet attached, they claimed at crappy tire that I only needed the gasket which of course was extra, I ended up buying it because I hadn't yet removed the t stat,anyways I ended up going to NAPA a day later and had them check the part,It was indeed supposed to have the rubber grommet,so I grabbed a t stat from them and they even thru in a metric bolt for me to replace the one that broke.
Dec 26, 2007
332 viewsI finally got a clear shot at the t stat housing bolts,I clevery dosed both bolts with penetrating oil as I knew they would probably be a pain to remove,first I removed the grounding wire from the EGR from the(t stat's lower)housing bolt,then I removed the bolt from the block, easy peasy right?Dec 26, 2007
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