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305 viewsI was feeling good and figured in another 2 min I'd have the 2nd (top) bolt out, sadly I was mistaken, the last thing I wanted to hear was SNAP! and yet,that is exactly the last thing I heard.
I decided to call it a day,the snow was piling up and I'd had enough, I left the van at work and came back 2 days later to show it who was boss,the van had other ideas!
Dec 26, 2007
303 viewsNow these are the extractors you want to use,even if you end up breaking of the end that goes into your socket, you can still use them,simply insert the extractor further into your socket.
One other note, the extractor shaft is 1/4" do not attempt to use a 1/4" drive ratchet,you will break your gear,Use a 3/8" drive & socket that is reduced to 1/4" you may need a leverage bar like we did, but it worked.
Dec 26, 2007
274 viewsHere is what the drain plug ( or petcock ) looks like,its located at the bottom of rad on the passenger side,which the next pic will show.Dec 26, 2007
322 viewsBefore I had a chance to use the crappy extractor that broke off ,I had to remove this pipe nipple from the water pump to give me access to drill the broken bolt.Dec 26, 2007
326 viewsUp until now the weather had co-operated it wasn't too bad at all, but what fun would it be if that continued?Dec 26, 2007
303 viewsBefore I can remove the rad I still have to disconnect the oem tranny cooler lines and the lower rad hose, in my case the oem engine oil cooler lines had already been removed during an earlier project,so most likely you will have to remove yours,also the powers that be decided it would be best if your rad was screwed together with 4 bolt/screws to your condensor,in my case I had to remove my grill to access these 4 bolt/screwsDec 26, 2007
247 viewsgetting the upper fan shroud out is not easy, it takes a little bit of work, more so if you plan on re-using your rad,so be careful if this is the case,the bottom shroud is no problem to remove,
I am also going to remove the fan and the serpentine belt to allow better access
Dec 26, 2007
246 viewsHere is the upper rad hose ( also known as the inlet hose ) removing this will assist in getting the upper shroud off,Its also a good idea to remove the intake hose off the intake as well,that will be the next picDec 26, 2007
362 viewsAfter waiting for 30 minutes for penetrator to work. I placed tools in position.Nov 20, 2007
377 viewsThis is a shot of the top of filter.Nov 20, 2007
296 viewsFuel filterNov 20, 2007
423 viewsFilter is on drivers side right under driver's door. This is laying on my back looking up.Nov 20, 2007
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