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225 viewsThis is one of four bolts, there is another bolt above this one on this side, then these two bolts are in the same location on the other side as well.Nov 20, 2007
200 viewsThe upper bolt. These are 10mm.Nov 20, 2007
210 viewsWith the mount loose, you can jack some on the engine and transmission to remove the mount, and subsequently the cross member. After the cross member is removed, it becomes a matter of the transmission bolts and lowering it.Nov 20, 2007
191 viewsStart with quality filters. Napa Gold is made by Wix, and is one of the best on the market. The fuel filter will be addressed in a separate how-to.Nov 20, 2007
208 viewsMake sure you lube the seal on the oil filter.Nov 20, 2007
189 viewsMake sure once the filter bumps up against the metal, you only turn it a half turn more. If it's too tight it will be a pain to get off at the next oil change.Nov 20, 2007
212 viewsMake sure your engine has cooled if you've been driving. You will get oil on yourself and if it's hot, it can take your flesh right off.Nov 20, 2007
172 viewsFill with your favorite brand of oil to the required capacity. Run engine up to normal operating temp then recheck dipstick. Make sure you stay within the parameters on your dipstick. Too much or too little can kill your engine.Nov 20, 2007
160 viewsYou'll need a pan to drain the used oil into.Nov 20, 2007
215 viewsOpen the cap after you've got the filter off. It will help to drain more oil.Nov 20, 2007
235 viewsShowing location of filter and oil pan plug. (My "wet look" is from a slow leaking power steering pump. One day that how-to will be in here as well. LOL!)Nov 20, 2007
207 viewsThis is all you'll need to remove filter if it hasn't been over tightened.Nov 20, 2007
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