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2153 viewsBezel removed.Nov 18, 2007
4156 viewsRetaining ring removed.Nov 18, 2007
6207 viewsPut dielectric grease on the three prongs before plugging in to the connector. This ensures a water/debris free enviroment.Nov 18, 2007
8221 viewsReattach retaning ring with screws.Nov 18, 2007
1142 viewsFirst remove the Torx screws from the bezel.Nov 18, 2007
3149 viewsNext remove the screws from the headlight retaining ring.Nov 18, 2007
5173 viewsI removed the bezel completely as not to damage my paint. Unplug the light from the connector.Nov 18, 2007
7193 viewsPlug light into the connector. (At this point check to make sure lights works.)Nov 18, 2007
9218 viewsReattach headlight bezel.Nov 18, 2007
removing ds broken end link236 viewsAlthough the bottom of the link broke away from the lower control arm I still had to fight with the part that went through the stabilizer bar. Spray these areas liberally with a good penetrant in advance it will help the removal processNov 18, 2007
measureing top thread distance 35mm239 viewsMake sure to measure the distance from top of bolt to top of nut BEFORE removing busted end link, this will allow you to tighten the new end link into its proper positionNov 18, 2007
new link installed on ds225 viewsNew end link installedNov 18, 2007
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