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Lines installed in the winch.786 viewsHere is the initial install of the lines on the winch. I ended up reversing the lines to get the correct flow. When pulling the valve handle back I want to spool in/up and forward will be out/down.
Side view of the tank assembly.705 viewsJust a side view of the tank showing the location of the supply port as well as filter and valve.
Quick connect fittings.693 viewsThese are the 1/2" line size quick connect fittings I am using. They are a flush design that keeps the dirt and crap out when not connected.
578 viewsLots of room with the cover removed.
Fittings in relation to winch.562 viewsThis just shows where the fittings are in relation to the winch.
Driving lights installed and turned on529 viewsHere's a comparison of my low beams ( before the headlight wiring harness upgrade ) and the newly installed 55 watt driving lights
Completed tank assembly.519 viewsTank all painted and everything installed except for the vent line which runs into the engine compartment.
installing powertrax into diff518 viewsonce Dean had put the pieces of the power-trax together,it was up to me to try to fit the unit in,the only real difficult part was two springs which sit in slots 180 degrees from each other,you have to keep the one spring in which wants to push the unit apart,and then rotate the whole unit 180 to install the other spring,its tricky but with a little patience it can be done
inside diff486 viewspic of the open diff
all done484 viewsAll done,just have to get er off the jackstands and take er for a test drive.
Ended up cutting out the cover to fab up a new aluminum plate for mounting gauges and switches.465 viewsEnded up cutting out the cover to fab up a new aluminum plate for mounting gauges and switches.
finished418 viewsGetting cleaned up,Whole job took approx 3hrs start to finish

I think Dean may have a couple pics of the actual locker going into the diff,if he does I will add them later
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