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191 viewsStart with quality filters. Napa Gold is made by Wix, and is one of the best on the market. The fuel filter will be addressed in a separate how-to.55555
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377 viewsThis is a shot of the top of filter.55555
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4156 viewsRetaining ring removed.44444
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423 viewsFilter is on drivers side right under driver's door. This is laying on my back looking up.44444
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303 viewsBefore I can remove the rad I still have to disconnect the oem tranny cooler lines and the lower rad hose, in my case the oem engine oil cooler lines had already been removed during an earlier project,so most likely you will have to remove yours,also the powers that be decided it would be best if your rad was screwed together with 4 bolt/screws to your condensor,in my case I had to remove my grill to access these 4 bolt/screws44444
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212 viewsMake sure your engine has cooled if you've been driving. You will get oil on yourself and if it's hot, it can take your flesh right off.44444
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Removing trim429 views1989 Astro Heater Core Replacement.

The smell of antifreeze when I used the heater told me that it was past time to change the heater core in my 89 Astro. It's a job I dreaded due to previous experiences with other vehicles, but it wasn't too bad actually. In fact, disassembly is a snap, but I had to get a touch creative to get it back together.

I removed the engine cover first; don't know if it's necessary, but it always seems like I have to do it no matter what I'm up to. Hey, that's the mighty 305 all nestled in the engine bay, by the way.
Next, remove the four Phillips headed screws that hold the heater trim piece in place and then remove the trim piece. Actually, it will fall off when the last screw is removed. Lay it and the screws out of the way.
I failed to get a usable photo of the heater box cover removal, but it's the black object with the louvers you see behind my hand. Four 7mm hex headed screws hold it in place. You'll have to get at floor mat level to see them all, but they're not bad to get at. Unscrew those fasteners and remove the heater box cover. Once that's off, you still won't see the heater core, though. That's because it's behind the heater core cover, located on the right of the heater box, and is held in place by three screws, also 7mm headed. An upcoming photo will give more detail on the location.
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274 viewsHere is what the drain plug ( or petcock ) looks like,its located at the bottom of rad on the passenger side,which the next pic will show.44444
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247 viewsgetting the upper fan shroud out is not easy, it takes a little bit of work, more so if you plan on re-using your rad,so be careful if this is the case,the bottom shroud is no problem to remove,
I am also going to remove the fan and the serpentine belt to allow better access
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246 viewsHere is the upper rad hose ( also known as the inlet hose ) removing this will assist in getting the upper shroud off,Its also a good idea to remove the intake hose off the intake as well,that will be the next pic44444
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362 viewsAfter waiting for 30 minutes for penetrator to work. I placed tools in position.44444
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225 viewsThis is one of four bolts, there is another bolt above this one on this side, then these two bolts are in the same location on the other side as well.44444
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