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Hyd pump bracket1200 viewsWelding up the pump bracket.55555
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Ogura Electric Clutch3164 viewsHere is a backside view of the new clutch.55555
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pump pic173 viewsHere is the front view showing the clutch installed. The pump has a tapered shaft and the clutch does as well. There is a woodruff key and the bolt in the center to hold it on...torqued to 20 foot-pounds (or so).55555
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CP-16-100 Hydraulic Pump2174 viewsThe pump had to be rebuilt as it is a 1985 model and probably had thousands of hours on it. I sourced a rebuild kit from Florig Equipment in PA and for under $20 it was rebuilt with all new o-rings, and seals. Sorry, no pics of the actual rebuild...I forgot!55555
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leak182 viewsLeaking oil cooler lines55555
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pilot fog lights148 viewsThe new lights are made by Pilot. Model #PL-611B. The dimensions are 4x3, perfect to fit the 4" openings in my kit. These are an upgrade in quality. They utilize H3 bulbs and are made of glass.55555
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Test fitting pump and bracket.197 viewsTrying to find room for the pump. Seems like it will fit!44444
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finished418 viewsGetting cleaned up,Whole job took approx 3hrs start to finish

I think Dean may have a couple pics of the actual locker going into the diff,if he does I will add them later
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fogs connected157 viewsMake the connection into the fog light. Again, use dielectric grease on all connections. Make sure to keep your positive and negative wires in order. Crossing them up could ruin your lights or worse; damage your vans electrical system.44444
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Final serpentine routing.244 viewsIT ran for enough time to get up to temp and it tracked nice and smooth.44444
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Pump fits232 viewsAdded a 2nd stock idler to make sure there is enough wrap on the alternator. The tensioner is an Auto Zone #305264 which is the same as a Dayco #89264.44444
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Belt alignment.183 viewsTemporarily mounted to check belt alignment.44444
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